Once you have made the decision to join, you’ll be surprised how easy and and quickly you can get your Avon business up and running.

Here are the basic steps to starting your Avon business.


Ok, so you’ve decided that things career-wise, money-wise and even lifestyle-wise just aren’t adding up somehow. You’re not entirely happy with life right now and you need to make a few changes.

You decide to start your Avon Business.

What you need to do is apply to become an Avon Representative and you can do that easily on this link



I will get in touch as soon as possible

Here, we’ll answer all your questions. What is involved working for Avon? How much will I earn selling Avon? Any questions you have, we’ll answer them all for you.


Sign up to Avon and start your Avon Business

We can sign you up to Avon in a way that’s easiest for you. At home, on Skype, via Facetime or Facebook video. Please note that if it’s not in person, I’ll need to be able to see some photo ID during our video call.

And that’s it…you’re ready to start earning with Avon.

What will I get when I join?

You’ll get your very own online Avon store where you can take orders in exactly the same way that you would door-to-door – just a whole lot easier.

my avon store

Avon will also provide you with an exclusive sales pack to help get your Avon business off the ground, including:

Your Appointment Pack to set your personal goals and plan to achieve your first sales

appointment pack

20 brochures to deliver to your friends and family

avon brochures

A calling book to keep a record of your customers and where your brochures are

avon calling book

Customer order slips

order slips

Avon will change your life, just give it a try you will not regret it


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