I have just attended an Avon Gala dinner it was brilliant.

At the Avon Gala dinner was all the people in or division that had done well and as a thank you Avon put on an Avon Gala dinner. It was held at Crewe Hall which is a lovely hotel.

We all met for drinks in the reception and then went in to a very impressive room for a three course meal and plenty of free flowing wine to accompany the meal. Best thing of all was the company I met some lovely people and we had such a great laugh, it was very relaxed and most enjoyable.

The meal was followed by an overnight stay at this lovely hotel.

That is what is so good working with Avon you get rewarded for all the hard work and effort that you put in they make you feel appreciated.

Next day was up for a lovely help yourself breakfast yummy! Then all the other sales leaders and Area Managers arrived for an Avon meeting.

The Avon Meeting was excellent. It was relaxed, very informative funny in parts very enjoyable. We learnt what was coming up in the fourth quarter plus how to make the most out of what tools we have to help accelerate our business. There was even a fashion show which was most hilarious just ordinary people modelling Avon fashion.

In among all this was the recognition awards, it is really nice to receive recognition for all your efforts, I picked up two awards I was not expecting and I am over the moon to receive them. I couldn’t stop smiling. There was rewards for the different levels of leadership plus awards for the Area Managers.

It is nice to go along to these events as you get to meet other Sales leaders and area managers who are all very nice and welcoming everyone tries to help each other and has tips to give you to help run your Avon business.



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