How to enjoy the school holidays or as I call it the Avon holiday.

Well it’s the start of the school holidays and wouldn’t you just love it if you never had to worry about childcare?

Every parent knows what a nightmare it is in the school holidays juggling work and making sure the children have a good summer holiday.

Now you can if you come and join my team, you decide when to do your Avon and fit it around the children no more child minder fees no more dashing to and fro.

The other benefits are of course you can afford a summer holiday with your earnings from Avon,

I bank all my commission each campaign and when the time comes to book a summer holiday the money is there waiting, no stress no credit card bill just lie back in the sun and relax.

It’s not just your going away holiday that can be expensive you also have to find the money for the other 4 or 5 weeks of the school holidays.  Everything adds up trips out, ice creams, drinks, food and treats.

We hear everyday “mum can we go here mum can I have this” in the past I used to have to say “you can have one special treat” now I can plan ahead and be ready when they want to go somewhere or have something.

I can divide my earnings up so we have so much each week to spend.  We can go on days out, we can go the swimming baths, we can go the cinema.

Really it is a win win with your Avon holiday plans.  It is worth all the hard work and effort I put in all year round to be able to have the treats when I want them.


So bring on the summer holidays I am ready and prepared thanks to Avon.


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