I Love my Avon job do you love your job?

I do and I will tell you why

I can work my Avon to suit around my lifestyle

For example this week I was able to sign up new representatives, collect all my brochures, put my orders on and still find time for my family.  It was preschool sports day on Wednesday and I was able to organise my day to be able to go.

Avon is the company that rewards you for all your hard work

Do you like meeting new people?

When you are an Avon representative you are constantly meeting new customers who fast become new friends

Whether you are looking for a part time job,  want  to supplement your income or you want to make Avon your full time job the choice is yours you can work it your way

When I started my Avon journey it was to supplement my income but as my love for Avon grew so did my customer base, I have gradually cut down my work hours and increased my Avon hours.  I have gone from a full time job to now only working 10 hours, my commitment to my Avon business has grown along with my income.  To begin with I only had a few customers which meant relying on family members to boost my orders now I have over 100 customers requesting to see a brochure each campaign.

My customers can’t want to see the new brochure.  They love the tried and trusted products that they order each time but they also love to see what’s new,  Avon is always looking to improve.  They love to see what’s new in the fashion section, the shoes, scarves, handbags and accessories.  They love the home and kitchenware section too and as for the perfumes they are just too good to be true.

If you like the sound of all this why not come and join my team you will love your job too


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