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Every Avon representative has their own Avon store.  It is a great way to get more customers which in the end means more sales and you earn more commission.

The quicker you open your Avon Store the quicker you start earning.  So I recommend everyone opens their Avon Store as soon as they are signed up. Its quick and easy with a step by step instructions to help you set up your Avon Store.

The hard part is thinking of a name to call your Avon Store.

Once you have opened your Avon Store make sure you give that link to everyone so they can start ordering from you online.  If you have friends and family that live away give them the  link to your Avon Store and they can order from you but have Avon deliver direct to them by paying a delivery charge, there are always offers on for free delivery or reduced delivery costs.

If a customer orders direct you don’t have to do anything Avon does it all for you. If the customer wants you to deliver you will get an Email telling you you have  a new customer/order.  You simply go into you Avon Store and accept the customer/order and the order will automatically go into your order screen for you.  Just let your customer know when you will be delivering the order.

There is a social media section within your Avon Store where you can click on adverts to share on Facebook, twitter etc.  Again this a good way to generate more customers and more sales. Below is an example:


Avon ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects in Vogue

The beauty industry’s bible, Vogue, has tipped ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects as “the anti-ageing cream that keeps on giving” and thousands of women are already on the waiting list for the launch in September. Sign up here.

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