Why become an AVON Sales Leader?

Become An Avon Sales Leader

AVON Sales Leadership is a very exciting business opportunity offered by AVON.

If you enjoy working with people, have bags of motivation, a whole load of ambition and you’re looking for a complete career change… AVON Sales Leadership could be exactly what you have been looking for.

As an Independent AVON Sales Leader, you will be an Independent AVON Sales Representative, as well as having the opportunity to build and grow your own team of representatives.

There are 12 levels of Sales Leadership. See below for more details.

You will receive Free Training and Support from both your Team Leader and AVON Cosmetics. You will be in a position to train and support your own team of representatives with the support of your group leader and AVON. In addition, AVON have a Sales Leadership Support Team just at the end of the phone.

Independent AVON Sales Leaders earn commission from their group sales and earn bonuses and prizes as they grow their teams, in addition to their income from their own sales.

If you are ambitious and hard working and you enjoy meeting people. If you enjoy seeing yourself and others succeed and grow, Sales Leadership is Definitely for You.

The other beauty of Sales Leadership is that you get to run your own business your way and in your own time. You could even be a Sales Leader whilst working, simply fitting your business in as and when it suits you! AVON can be what you want it to be, it just requires effort and commitment.

Co-ordinator Level

Key behaviours

  • Seeking out opportunities to recruit new Representatives
  • Building selling skills for you and your team
  • Looking for opportunities to advance to higher titles
  • Building a local network

In essence, it’s all about finding new Representatives to build your team!

Title Qualifications Coordinator Advanced Coordinator Senior Coordinator
Personal Sales MOV MOV MOV
G1 Actives 5 10 15
Group Sales £1,000 £2,000 £4,000
G1 Commission 4% 5% 6%
G2 Commission 1% 2% 3%
G3 Commission n/a n/a 1%
Average Earnings*
Annual £500 £1,000 £2,500

Leader Level

Key behaviours

  • Identifying and developing other Sales Leaders
  • Coaching others in building their selling skills
  • Identifying target audiences to grow your network
  • Analysing and indentifying business growth opportunities

At Leader Level, the focus turns towards building your downline Sales Leader team.

Title Qualifications Leader Advanced Leader Senior Leader
Personal Sales MOV MOV MOV
G1 Actives 20 20 20
Group Sales £8,000 £16,000 £35,000
G1 Advanced Coordinators+ 1 2 3
G1 Commission 7% 8% 8.5%
G2 Commission 4% 4% 4%
G3 Commission 1.5% 2% 2%
Average Earnings*
Annual £6,000 £14,000 £30,000

Executive Level

Key behaviours

  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills
  • Manage and develop a large diverse network
  • Identify and mentor talent
  • Develop long term business strategies

Executive Leaders will need to support Sales Leaders as they build their Independent Avon business.

Title Qualifications Executive Leader Advanced Executive Leader Senior Executive Leader Chief Executive Leader
Personal Sales MOV MOV MOV MOV
G1 Actives 20 20 20 20
Executive Qualifying Sales £50,000 £50,000 £70,000 £70,000
G1 Advanced Coordinators + 4 5 6 7
Advanced Leaders Titled Legs 1 3 5 7
G1 Commission 9% 9% 9% 9%
G2 Commission 4.5% 4.5% 4.5% 4.5%
G3 Commission 3% 3% 3% 3%
Executive Commission 1.5% 2% 2.5% 3%
Average Earnings*
Annual £60,000 £100,000 £300,000 £500,000

Make a note on your application form if you are interested in Sales Leadership.

Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Apply to become an Independent AVON Representative/Sales Leader by filling in the simple online sign-up form. Do you have Skype or Facetime and love AVON? You can now build a team by using video calling! Contact us to arrange a Skype appointment (must have photo ID).