Christmas doesn’t get any easier than with Avon.

Not only is it  so easy to sit and relax and browse through the  brochures to select all your Christmas gifts you can go online and order through the Avon store.  All your Christmas shopping without leaving your home. No more having to carry all those bags getting stressed let your Avon representative do it for you.

Start your shopping early with campaign 16 right through to campaign 1.  We will be delivering right up to Christmas.  Over November and December we are delivering brochures every two weeks not three to help our customers get all they need for Christmas.


Of course being and Avon Representative, Christmas is made easier because we have been working all year round and saving our commission so no big bills at the end of the year for us.  If you want next year to be easy for you then become and Avon representative just fill in my prp page and let me show you how.

Whether you need extra money for Christmas, holidays or to supplement your income then Avon is the way forward.  Come and join my team you will wish you had joined earlier.  I never worry about not having enough money for Christmas any more.

I have just had a lovely holiday to Cyprus paid for by my earnings from Avon a nice little break before I get started on my Christmas preparations.  I would not have thought of having a summer holiday thus late before I would be too stressed thinking of Christmas.  This year quite the opposite I have come back refreshed and ready to look through my brochures and plan my Christmas knowing I have earned the money to pay for it and Avon has the things I need, for example this throw at £17.95 if you spend over £10


Fair Isle Throw


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