Hi hope everyone had a Good weekend! I did.

It was a very busy good weekend, I had my Avon delivery on Friday morning so spent Friday bagging it up for all my customers.  Sunday was my big delivery to all my customers, my round seems to take longer and longer as a lot of my customers now feel like friends so we have a little catch up and quite a few minutes chat.  That is a nice part of being an Avon representative you get to meet new people who then feel like friends.

Friday afternoon I treated myself to having my nails done they are a lovely shade of blue.  In the evening I just relaxed with a couple of glasses of wine.

Saturday I delivered to my new online customers, introduced myself and gave them a new brochure, no sooner had I got home when one had already placed another order.  I then got my housework out of the way ready for the evening relaxation with a couple of Gin and tonics.

I work part time three afternoons a week normally except in the school holidays I only work two.  In the mornings I do my Avon, either delivering/collecting brochures, leaflet dropping or doing a signup. It is a very enjoyable time.  I love the way I am in control of my working day.  I get to choose what I do each day.

If you would like to be like me and have the freedom to choose what you do and when you do it then come and join my team, you will look back and say why did I not do this sooner, I wish I had joined Avon sooner than I did.  I wasted years working 9 -5 in an office.  Don’t put if off make that change today.



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